The logo 
A logo that physically grows in appearance to bring a feeling of diversity, success and growth. It felt appropriate to have an increase in the width and thickness of each letter from S to M to keep it feeling natural but also show progression.
Diversity, success and growth are all important aspects of the Shreem brand and the audience they wish to attract. These aspects are all powerfully portrayed through the new logo design.
If the Shreem platform is going to showcase creative work, the brand needs to be clean to allow the work to stand out, which this logo does perfectly. The logo has fluidity and potential for animated movement across digital platforms for the brand.​​​​​​​
The typeface Bureau Grot Bold (inspired by Knockout by Jonathan Hoefler) was used to create the logo. It is made up of a variety of widths and thicknesses which are a great representation of change, something we all face in our creative careers!
It is strong and block like in its appearance but firmly fits together to give a feeling of togetherness and collaboration.
The headline typeface is paired with Roboto Slab Light, a slab serif typeface which adds character to the bodycopy and pairs and contrasts well with Bureau Grot. It has angular and interesting serifs with a contemporary feel that is easily readable and understandable.​​​​​​​
Colour Palette
Inspired by Indian culture and the goddess Matangi which derived from the word Shreem, the colours are vibrant and complementary of each other. The colour scheme brings a sense of culture, diversity and youthfulness to the brand. The core colour of the brand is the bright orange.
Sticking to a design that still shows diversity, success and growth through the letter S that changes in size and width. This creates the secondary logo that is still recognisable as the Shreem brand and can be used on social media platforms for cover/profile images which have less space.
To show how the logo, typography choices and colour palette could possibly work together on a digital platform. The aesthetic of the website appears to slot together with lots of different possibilities that are easily interchangeable. It acts similarly in the way that creatives are able to slot together from different backgrounds and fit together as one. As well as this, the built up block idea represents the growth and success that Shreem want their clients to achieve!
The playful growing idea of the logo can also be used to create personalised products such as business cards, letterheads, tote bags and more, by using the variety of weights and thicknesses of text within the Bureau Grot typeface. This really makes a person feel a part of the Shreem brand!
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