The Logo
Starting with an emphasis on focus, my ideas stemmed from the shapes of the points in a cameras viewfinder and how these naturally fit into the shape of an L when taking away one of the points – this soon became the core idea of the brand with lots of potential!
Adding a slight angle to the shapes matches perfectly with the angular entrance into the sixth form and architectural elements around the building overall. The symbol is paired with the text ‘Longley Park Sixth Form’ to create a well recognised combination mark logo.
Colour Palette
With students and parents being the main focus, I created a set of colours that can be used professionally and playfully, and of course had to compliment each other! They are a proud set of colours to make the sixth form stand out amongst their competitors.
I wanted a playful main typeface that can stand out for key messages and give more visual recognition to the brand. Dunkel Sans works perfectly for this and adds an element of youthfulness with its angular and curvy structure, this creates a feeling of building blocks and platforms which ties in brilliantly with the educational sector. If you look closely, the L and the shapes within the logo actually have almost the exact same angle within them – which made me love it even more!
Cera Pro is the secondary typeface of the brand, it creates an ease of reading experience for larger bodies of text.
Stacked logo & secondary logo
For the use of different platforms it seems appropriate to have a secondary logo which is just the symbol – this can be easily recognised by being used on internal elements within the school. As well as this, a stacked logo could also come in handy for use across different platforms.
Branded Material
It was great to see how the symbolic logo alone could be used across branded material to really create that all important 'focus'. It works perfectly to create a focus on the use of photography – afterall, the schools aim is mostly about focus!
The shapes from the logo can also be used to create a sense of reading direction in the form of shapes/imagery and page furniture.
From the idea of Dunkel Sans creating a block like visual – this inspired me to use justified type, bold pull quotes and titles that slot together perfectly (yet abstractly) to create an engaging reading experience.
Website Design
To avoid having a typical school website where the landing page is so information heavy, a hamburger menu is used so that all of the information can be hidden yet easily retrievable with just one click – creating a much simpler and less complicated experience.
Wayfinding Systems 
The school branding can be incorporated into a wayfinding system for ease of navigation around the site. The students can easily recognise that they are at Longley Park!
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