It is contrasting in colour to represent the strength of the product as well as the strength of the younger generation as we fight our way out of the current situation. The colours are vibrant yet natural to make it an approachable, trustworthy and safe to use product. The starting point of the shape runs consistently through packaging design, patterns and for the use of imagery, all used consistently to create recognition for the product, the campaign and the Durex brand. ​​​​​​​
From my creative concept, we can celebrate being able to come back together (pardon the pun) as a society with our closest ones and simply celebrate safe sex and the open approach Durex has to this. Everybody can rest assured that their sex is 100% safe from tears with this brand new product! In reality, success would easily be measured through the sales of this new product. We’ve all faced some difficult times throughout the past year and this light-hearted campaign will bring that little bit of hope and positivity to the lives of the younger generation. ​​​​​​​
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